Stivers School for the Arts

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Welcome to Stivers School for the Arts. We offer programs in the arts, as well as a full range of quality academics. Stivers School for the Arts is the only public school in the Dayton City School District that has been designated as a grade 7-12 school. Students enter Stivers at the 7th-grade level by audition and make a full six-year commitment.

Stivers has a rigorous academic program that consistently produces test scores that far exceed all other schools in the district. Stivers§Ó?? state report card is similar to that of high-performing suburban schools. Stivers is a prime example of how participation in the Arts enhances academic performance

Stivers Seedling Foundation

The seedling Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to support art programs at Stivers School for the Arts in Dayton, Ohio.

We believe in the value of arts education. Why? Because we witness that value spring to life every day in studio and classroom. Put simply, students immersed in the arts perform better in academics and in life.

We work to provide the additional funds required to make these immersive experiences possible. With broad community support, Stivers provides life-defining experiences for its students.

Our belief is substantiated by the scholarships, honors, and the life achievements of our graduates. That§Ó??s why we do it.

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Learn more about Stivers School for the Arts on the Dayton Public Schools website.